POEM - Power Of Electronic Music - the aim of this show is not only to highlight electronic music in all its shapes and forms but also to highlight the value of this often times misunderstood and stigmatised music - in short, a new radio show that deals with all things electronica from interviews with musicians, authors, scholars etc. to testing out instruments and more

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Episode # 16: The Electronic Music Alliance - in conversation with Janine Jordan

The Electronic Music Alliance is a public charity, non-profit organisation and global membership alliance uniting the electronic music industry and community to be the "Sound of Change": cultivating, collaborating and celebrating social responsibility, environmental stewardship , community building and volunteerism. POEM's Thomas Janak talked to EMA's Janine Jordan about the alliance, the stigmatisation of electronic music and more. Visit: www.ema-global.org 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Episode 15 – Claudia Bruecken “The lost are found”

Claudia Bruecken first burst onto the scene with her band Propaganda, whose success may have been comparatively short lived but their musical legacy surely isn’t. In fact, Claudia Bruecken has appeared on many projects over the years and her solo career is thriving as well. Her new album “The lost are found” is out now and a  UK and Germany tour is about to start very soon POEM’s Thomas Janak talked to Claudia about the new album especially regarding its production values and song choosing aspects, the upcoming tour, her numerous collaborations over the years, how things have changed since Propaganda, being on tour with Erasure (in 2007) , living abroad, her admiration for Depeche Mode and other things.

Her new album is now available on CD, vinyl or download. Visit her official page:


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Episode # 14 - "I dream of wires" - a 4 hour documentary about Modular Synths OUT SOON

POEM’s Thomas Janak talked to “I dream of wires” producer Jason Amm about the documentary and the work it entailed, future plans such as the announced shorter theatrical version and more but the conversation also touched on the modular synths themeselves, what they do to people, why they are still popular and why the resurgence of using modular systems is at an all time high. Note: The 4 hour hardcore version of the documentary is only available for a very short time and you should get your copy NOW! www.idreamofwires.org

LISTEN HERE to this informative interview