POEM - Power Of Electronic Music - the aim of this show is not only to highlight electronic music in all its shapes and forms but also to highlight the value of this often times misunderstood and stigmatised music - in short, a new radio show that deals with all things electronica from interviews with musicians, authors, scholars etc. to testing out instruments and more

Friday, January 15, 2016

Episode # 44: The Delia Derbyshire legacy – in conversation with filmmaker Kara Blake

‘The Delian Mode’ is an award-winning documentary about sound-artist extraordinaire Delia Derbyshire, whose tape-cuttings brought mysterious music to the world as well as the highly acclaimed theme song to the British sci-fi series Dr. Who. Canadian filmmaker Kara Blake’s documentary on Delia’s work won numerous prices including a Genie – Award. POEM talked to Kara about the documentary, Kara’s other projects as well as about past life regression – don’t miss this xx


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Episode # 43 - perfect beats, in conversation with FUTURE PERFECT

Future Perfect is an electronic music duo with hard hitting beats and very harmonious melodies, consisting of Simon & Rebecca Owen. POEM's Thomas Janak talked to Simon about their music, videos, gear and future. 

You can find them online and on facebook