POEM - Power Of Electronic Music - the aim of this show is not only to highlight electronic music in all its shapes and forms but also to highlight the value of this often times misunderstood and stigmatised music - in short, a new radio show that deals with all things electronica from interviews with musicians, authors, scholars etc. to testing out instruments and more

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode # 23: In conversation with Robert Marlow

In the early 1980’s Robert Marlow enjoyed great success with songs like “Calling all destroyers” and “The face of Dorian Grey”. His “Blackwing Sessions” album received rave reviews and POEM’s Thomas Janak had a chance to talk to Robert about his career and possible future releases. In this down-to-earth conversation Robert talks about his performances, his life and music.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Episode # 22 : Of consciousness and love - in conversation with Jon Anderson (the voice of YES)

Jon Anderson (website print screen)

On today's show we briefly talk to Jon Anderson, the voice of YES, who has also worked with Vangelis, Kitaro to name but a few. His positive and spiritual outlook helped him create amazing pieces of music. The conversation also touches on the songwriting process, falsetto and today's charts. This episode of POEM features some of his greatest work as well as highlighting songs by Kitaro and Vangelis. (Note: There are some minor drop-outs (moments of silence), which can happen when large files get compressed to mp3 but they only last a few seconds.)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Episode # 21: BAS13 - Celebrating Depeche Mode and the heritage of Basildon

Basproductions once again celebrates the heritage of Basildon by putting on BAS 13, a three day festival celebrating all things Depeche Mode while not forgetting good old Vince Clarke. POEM’s Thomas Janak talked to one of the organisers, Gary Clark, a Basildon native who also happened to be a tour manager on the 2008 Yazoo Reconnected tour, about the amazing BAS13 festival and much more besides.

LISTEN HERE to this awesome conversation

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Episode # 20: Happy Birthday POEM

We are celebrating our very first birthday with some great music! On April 17th 2012 we brought you our very first episode and have enjoyed many shows and guests ever since!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Episode # 19 - Originals vs. Cover Versions

Undoubtedly, cover versions of famous songs can be simple rip offs BUT there are many cover versions of songs by incredible artists that were meant as a tribute/homage to the original composer/lyricist. On this episode we have a look at some cover versions and originals to highlight the fun that can be had by listening to these versions.Many of the songs revolve around POEM’s Thomas Janak’s musical hero Vince Clarke but the show also features artists like The Prodigy, Gene Simmons of Kiss and OneTwo.