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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Episode # 35: Industrielle Volksmusik for the 21st century – First ever academic conference on KRAFTWERK

On January 21st and 22nd 2015 a two-day event, titled: “Industrielle Volksmusik for the 21st century”, in essence an academic conference on German electronic music pioneers KRAFTWERK was held at Aston University, Birmingham, organised by Dr. Uwe Schutte (see Episode # 34).

The university asked attendees to refrain from recording any audio from the actual event. Therefore the following program does not contain any recordings from said event.

However, we were allowed to approach panelists and attendees during breaks. We managed to record quite a number of interesting interviews.

Interviewees included David Stubbs, a well-known music reviewer, who talked to us about his new book ‘Future Days’, a book on “Krautrock”, what Kraftwerk means to him and he even answered our off-topic questions about synthesizer legend Vince Clarke.

Other interviews include a brief one with panelist David Pattie about his book ‘Kraftwerk – Music non-stop’ and what his lecture was about. Furthermore we talked to people from Sweden and Australia as well as with Bill Wallsgrove, who owned a music label for a while. He also has a clear love for vinyl and is currently writing an in-depth book on vinyl collectors, titled: “Kings of Vinyl”. And that’s not all …

Photo credit: Nicole Valentin

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