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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Episode # 37: Change of cosmic address – a tribute to Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream)

Tangerine Dream founder and music pioneer extraordinaire Edgar Froese passed away on January 20th 2015. He left behinds legions of fans as well as an enormous back catalog of songs.

Electronic music conveyor Mark Jenkins, who performed with members of the Krautrock outfits CAN and ex- members of Tangerine Dream, recorded a tribute album titled: “Change Of Cosmic Address”, together with his brother Chris, the latter also being responsible for the album artwork.

The brothers are also performing a tribute concert for Edgar Froese in London on April 11th, where they perform two live sets with new material in the style of the late Edgar Froese.

POEM’s Thomas Janak talked to Mark about the upcoming concert, the tribute album, hardware synthesizers, changes in music over the decades and more.


  1. Hey Thomas. What a great show. Nice with some positive publicity on a project that has received a lot of negative reactions. I should receive my copy from CDS any day soon. Jacob.